Release Plan

This is a proposed release plan. It is likely to change as developers join and change the focus.

Release 0.1

Released 20 June 2003.

This was the first release of generguide. It was copied from the Geotools Software Developer's guide and references to Geotools were removed. It is the first proof of concept. It contains:


A script which parses modular documents, merges them, and produces a HTML guide.

Simple Docbook

Accepts source files with a document type of Simple Docbook XML.


Variables like "Project Name" can be defined in an Entities file, and referenced like &projectname; from within text. This concept is hacked in order to work with the XXE WYSIWYM editor which doesn't process ENTITIES. Ie, Entities are included as <!--&projectname;-->. Preprocessing in is used to remove the comment wrapper.

Release 0.2

This release aims to provide an easy to use, web based interface which will show off the functionality and potential of Generguide. After this release, we plan to announce this project on relevant email lists in order to attract users who can help shape the future direction of generguide, and developers who can help us get there.

In addition to previous releases, this release contains:

Configuration File

A configuration file allows you to select sections you want based on a BLACK/WHITE type filter, and specify a href to an alternative section.

Web based form for editing Configuration File

This form will allow users to build a configuration file based on a tick box type form.

Drive generguide scripts from html web form

Allows a user to view a Guide based on their selections.


Entities remain the same as above.

Users Guide

A simple users guide. Enough to walk the user through the demonstration.

Remote Sections

A group of sections can be stored and referenced from anywhere on the web.

Release 0.3

After this release, the configuration file should be backwardly compatible and users can start using generguide on real projects.

In addition to previous releases, this release contains:

Split project

Split documentation and tools into seperate packages (or projects).


In previous releases, variables were handled using Entities. This has deficiencies in that Entities are not valid XML and many editors have problems processing them. In this release we will investigate alternatives which may include:

  • Extending Docbook DTD.

  • Providing translation scripts which go XML->ENTITY->XML.

  • Using <xinclude> tags.

  • Using olinks.

We hope future developers will help us solve this.


Documentation can be referenced from the configuration by version number. It is yet to be determined whether versions are assigned on a per file basis, or on a GenerRepository Release version.

Release 0.4+

Incorporate into Build systems.

In addition to previous releases, this release contains:

Pluggin to Build Systems

Generguide is to be incorporated as a pluggin to build systems like maven. This should attract users and potential developers.

Other document types

Support other document types, starting with Docbook XML.